EUPRIM-Net Courses on general primate biology

Present Courses

Compared to other biomedical research models non-human primates are closer related to humans. This relatively close genetic relationship does not only reflect similarities in psychiological and physiological characters but also suggest that non-human primates might suffer in a similar way. Accordingly, research on non-human primates raises special ethical questions. Compliance with the 3Rs (reduction, refinement, replacement) and a continual professional development of care takers, researchers and technical personnel improve the animal well-being and contribute to an increased acceptance of primate research by authorities and in the public.

Courses for Scientists, Veterinarians and Students

We provide courses on five main topics:
• General Biology: taxonomy, diversity, functional anatomy, behaviour, feeding strategies
• Behaviour: general and social behaviour, behavioural needs, environmental enrichment
• Husbandry: breeding management, reproduction, nutrition, stress, positive reinforcement training (PRT), environmental enrichment
• Medical Aspects: diseases and parasites, pathology, health problems for humans and prevention, anaesthesia
• Ethics: ethical aspects of primate research, laws, public relation


Courses for Animal Caretakers and Technicians

These courses are organised especially to the needs and interests of animal caretakers and technicians. Comparable to the other course series the topics are:

• General primate biology
• Diseases and parasites
• Husbandry, handling and its challenges
• Communication of primate research

Venue: The different EUPRIM-Net partner institutes in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Italy, Sweden and eventually France and Spain.

Course languages: the respective mother tongue

Information in Spain: here


Next courses

Marmoset Training Course
Venue: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster
Course language: English/German
Date: 22.-23.06.2015

Laboratory Animal Science Course on Primates according to FELASA guidelines (functions A+B)
for EUPRIM-Net and GTPN members only
Venue: Deutsches Primatenzentrum, Göttingen
Course language: English
Date: E-learning 01 May - 12 June; on-site course 17-19 June 2015

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