EUPRIM-Net Courses on general primate biology

About Us

euprim-netThe European Primate Network EUPRIM-Net has been funded twice by the European Commission from 2006-2015. Since July 2015 it exists without funding. Nevertheless, the network's aims remain to advance knowledge and competence in biological and biomedical research, animal keeping and breeding. The project objectives focus on animal welfare, the constant development of best practice in keeping, procedures and methods as well as training for those working with non-human primates.

The Objectives of the EUPRIM-Net Education Programme

The rational and ethical use of primates in basic and applied biological and biomedical research must be based on a sound knowledge of general primate biology by scientists and all other staff involved in this research. Knowledge of morphological, physiological, behavioural and ecological characteristics of primates in general and of those primate species which are used in biological and biomedical research in particular is essential for planning and conducting studies and experiments. Furthermore, knowledge of husbandry, including keeping, nutrition, breeding, and handling is essential both for good scientific practice and for the sake of animal welfare.

While this primatological knowledge exists it is distributed and particularly outside the European Primate Centres it is difficult to get exposure to a structured teaching of the state-of-the-art of knowledge about primatology.

Therefore with the education programme we aim at :

  • Offering an NHP-specific LAS course to Functions A and B (according to Directive 2010/63/EU)
  • Offering courses to various target groups