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Terms of use

The material of the EUPRIM-Net Tissue, Blood and Serum Bank is understood to be experimental in nature and may be hazardous. The material may contain pathogens and it may be highly infectious. Therefore, the highest degree of care in dealing with the material, especially if culturing or processing live or frozen material has to be applied. In particular, only personnel educated on the risks of the material is allowed to deal with the material and all statutory and non-statutory guidelines and regulations applicable in the recipient state/country and the EU which relate to the treatment of hazardous material, in particular rules on accident prevention and those laws relating to the treatment of laboratory animals have to be followed.
If requested by EUPRIM-Net or the material distributor to do so, the recipient has to immediately stop using the materials and promptly return or destroy the delivered samples, including all copies.

The recipient will use the material at his/her own risk. EUPRIM-Net and the distributor of the material makes no representations and extends no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, as to merchantability of the material or fitness for a particular purpose or that the use of material will not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights. To the extent allowed under applicable law, any claims, statutory or contractual, based on legal or other defects of the material are hereby excluded.

The materials are to be used solely for non-profit research purposes and the material or parts of it must not be forwarded to any third party.

Support under this scheme should be acknowledged in all resulting publications with "Part of this work has been supported by EUPRIM-Net under the EU Grant Agreement No. 262443 of the 7th Framework Programme" or similar. The EUPRIM-Net Management should be supplied with copies of the publications.

Each group leader of a user project supported under this EC Research Infrastructure contract is requested to complete the User Group Questionnaire of the European Commission. The questionnaire at must be submitted once by each user group leader as soon as the material samples have been obtained.