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The Tissue, Blood and Serum bank is part of the EU funded Infrastructure Project EUPRIM-Net. Primate material is available upon application to investigators at universities, research institutes, small and medium-sized enterprises and industry located in the Member States of the European Union and Associated States.

Before samples can be sent by EUPRIM-Net you will be asked for a short description of your research plan. This information is necessary for reporting towards the EU. The collected data will be treated confidentially.

EUPRIM-Net reserves the right to reject orders.

Your institution is not located in an EU Member State or in an Associated Country? Please contact for fee-based orders.

Available material

The material collection consists of the samples of three European primate centers and includes fixed and frozen tissue or organs as well as serum and blood samples. Samples can be offered from a range of species (e.g. Macaca mulatta, Macaca fascicularis, Macaca silenus, Papio hamadryas, Saguinus oedipus, Callitrix jacchus) whose quantities depend largely on the specification and vary widely.

The preparation, fixation and transport of the material can be adapted to your needs. A preparation protocol or special requirements can be uploaded together with your request. Pathological samples can be made available upon special request. After you have posted your request you will be informed about material availability and a possible date for delivery.

Tissues are typically available as follows:

  • fresh
  • frozen -20C
  • frozen -80C
  • fixed / formalin 4%
  • fixed / formalin 10%
  • fixed / glutaraldeyd 2,5%

Blood and serum samples are available as follows:

  • Whole blood
  • Serum, fresh
  • Serum, frozen
  • Plasma / EDTA
  • Plasma / lithium-heparin
  • Plasma / sodium-citrate
  • Plasma / sodium-fluoride

Gene Bank

If you are interested in genetic material, please refer to the Gene Bank of Primates of the DPZ or contact for more information and questions concerning material availability. The Gene Bank of Primates represents a large collection consisting of DNA, RNA and cDNA derived from a variety of non-human primates.

Any questions? Please contact